I Am 2022 African American Wall Calendar

I Am 2022 African American Wall Calendar
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Product Description

In the I Am 2022 African American Wall Calendar, Sylvia “Gbaby” Phillips represents all types of exceptional African American women in all of their natural glory. The I Am 2022 African American Wall Calendar will inspire you all year long. Every month this beautiful calendar offers a powerfully inspirational artistry based in natural elements. Black history facts are also included inside. Motivational, educational and on schedule – it’s going to be a perfect year.

Sylvia “Gbaby” Phillips is the artist and CEO of Gbaby Art Inc., a collection of hand painted handbags and accessories. Sylvia earned a B.A. in Liberal Arts with a minor in business from State University of Binghamton, NY. After college, she worked at the San Diego Monitor News as a graphic artist under the direction of artist Albert Fennell. She left the Monitor to start her first business, Another Sylvia Original (ASO), selling hand painted tees to stores around the country. She then opened Unique Fashion Gallery in San Diego, which housed 7 artist and designers. Sylvia and her children later moved to Los Angeles for her daughter, Giovonnnie Samuels, to pursue an acting career. On the set of Nickelodeon’s “All That,” her daughter, nicknamed Gbaby, requested a handbag with women of color. After an endless search Sylvia decided to buy a bag and paint women of color on it, and that is how Gbaby was born!

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